Panik: poopascoopa


Clean up all the poo and make the world a better place.


Yadda Yadda Yadda Yadda ... ?@@#. How easy can it be?; Arrow Keys = Move

Panik: poopascoopa

Sorry, you must have flash to play Panik: poopascoopa

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 Radar 45,000 05/12/2009
2 sigmeum 15,500 02/12/2009
3 Ethel Mertz 2,700 01/06/2009
4 Sageth 1 08/19/2008
5 metusla 1 08/03/2009
6 Nathan Brittles 1 08/24/2008
7 Reverand Woody 1 04/29/2016

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