Hostile Skies


Control your plane using the mouse - move the mouse to the right to go faster and left to slow down. Use the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot your machine guns, and use the SPACE BAR to drop your bombs. To land your plane, slow down (move the mouse to the left of the game) and touch down carefully. Land too late, too quickly, or too steeply and you will crash your aircraft, so be careful!


Rid the skies of hostile enemies:
LEFT Arrow Key = Slow Down
RIGHT Arrow Key = Go Faster
LEFT Mouse Button = Shoot Guns
Spacebar = Drop bombs
P = Pause Game
M = Music On/Off

Hostile Skies

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1 iwinagain's Gravatar  iwinagain 166,850 01/26/2011
2 luckey's Gravatar  luckey 155,950 04/18/2009
3 Mortimer Snerd's Gravatar  Mortimer Snerd 122,350 07/16/2010
4 Sageth's Gravatar  Sageth 19,750 11/27/2015
5 Ethel Mertz's Gravatar  Ethel Mertz 17,400 03/06/2009
6 Nathan Brittles's Gravatar  Nathan Brittles 14,000 09/05/2008
7 skraley56's Gravatar  skraley56 12,300 09/03/2008
8 pedrobrunel's Gravatar  pedrobrunel 8,850 12/24/2017
9 lindrus11's Gravatar  lindrus11 6,100 10/01/2008
10 Playinginclass's Gravatar  Playinginclass 1 04/22/2011

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