Towers of Hanoi


The Tower of Hanoi (also called the Tower of Brahma or Lucas' Tower) is a mathematical game or puzzle. It consists of three rods, and a number of disks of different sizes which can slide onto any rod. The goal is to move all of the disks to a different rod without having a larger disk on top of a smaller disk at any time


A classic logic puzzle. Your goal is to move all the pieces from the middle post to the left or right post. You can only move one disk at a time and you can never put a bigger disk on top of a smaller disk.

Towers of Hanoi

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Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   mikkim 49 02/02/2010
2   Ethel Mertz 52 10/26/2008
3   mero 63 06/05/2009
4   Radar 64 08/18/2009
5   Sageth 66 06/24/2009
6   smasino 82 03/08/2010
7   skraley56 96 10/26/2008
8   Mortimer Snerd 129 05/04/2010
9   Glinda 173 04/09/2011
10   Nathan Brittles 181 08/31/2008

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