This game is a lot like hangman except that there is a kangaroo instead. Guess words and letters to complete the game but do not let the sarcastic kangaroo frustrate you.


Guess the hidden phrase to complete a level. Use your mouse to select letters.


Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   4516n41 9 02/27/2013
2   metusla 9 04/03/2010
3   Sageth 9 08/02/2009
4   skraley56 9 05/15/2011
5   Glinda 9 10/05/2008
6   pathlab 9 08/13/2011
7   lindrus11 9 05/16/2012
8   sigmeum 9 05/22/2010
9   sagerus 9 10/13/2008
10   Ethel Mertz 9 12/17/2008

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