Lance la hache 2


Throw the hatchets at jean-marie messier getting as close as possible without hitting him.


Be careful not to hit Jean-Marie Messier.; Arrow Keys and Spacebar

Lance la hache 2

Sorry, you must have flash to play Lance la hache 2

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 Playinginclass 47,450 05/12/2011
2 Sageth 25,360 10/17/2009
3 Nathan Brittles 24,730 09/04/2008
4 metusla 19,380 08/20/2009
5 Ethel Mertz 18,530 02/07/2009
6 mero 15,300 03/29/2010
7 smasino 10,160 04/07/2009
8 skraley56 7,640 08/24/2008

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