Gotham punch


Punch as many bats as you can in 60 seconds.


; Left mouse click.

Gotham punch

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1 iwinagain's Gravatar  iwinagain 6,300 10/06/2009
2 Ethel Mertz's Gravatar  Ethel Mertz 5,200 10/29/2008
3 Glinda's Gravatar  Glinda 5,100 09/15/2008
4 Mortimer Snerd's Gravatar  Mortimer Snerd 4,800 06/16/2010
5 skraley56's Gravatar  skraley56 4,550 08/30/2008
6 mero's Gravatar  mero 4,050 06/19/2009
7 Playinginclass's Gravatar  Playinginclass 3,400 05/18/2011
8 Sageth's Gravatar  Sageth 3,200 08/30/2008
9 Radar's Gravatar  Radar 3,100 07/15/2009
10 Nathan Brittles's Gravatar  Nathan Brittles 3,100 09/05/2008

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