Golden arrow


You are an archer in a tournament for the King. This is no resort! You need to carefully plan your shots and try to become the next Robin Hood.


Aim at LEFT target, and dont forget to allow for the wind. Use the mouse and left click.

Golden arrow

Sorry, you must have flash to play Golden arrow

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 Mortimer Snerd 4,629 02/27/2010
2 Nathan Brittles 3,008 08/31/2008
3 sigmeum 1,791 01/03/2009
4 iwinagain 1,767 03/01/2010
5 Sageth 1,170 01/17/2010
6 luckey 840 09/04/2015
7 4516n41 709 04/17/2011
8 metusla 639 01/17/2010
9 Radar 343 03/10/2009
10 mero 220 09/03/2009

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