Kick the robots head as far as possible!


Kick the robots head as far as possible!; Mouse.


Sorry, you must have flash to play Get-a-head

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 iwinagain 2,095.100 01/20/2010
2 Radar 2,068.800 01/19/2010
3 gbr88 2,028.200 09/03/2008
4 sigmeum 2,004.400 01/06/2009
5 Ethel Mertz 1,982.100 09/16/2008
6 Mortimer Snerd 1,949.400 06/15/2010
7 Nathan Brittles 1,947.500 04/26/2010
8 mero 1,774.300 08/06/2009
9 metusla 1,756.500 08/03/2009
10 Glinda 1,532.800 01/08/2009

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