Funny buttons


Touch as many blue and grey buttons as you can.


Touching red or pink buttons decreases your lifetime. Don; Mouse

Funny buttons

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   Radar 786 06/07/2009
2   mero 577 05/27/2009
3   mikkim 463 01/29/2010
4   iwinagain 436 01/15/2011
5   Ethel Mertz 327 09/06/2008
6   Glinda 319 09/10/2008
7   ma4e 251 02/18/2010
8   metusla 228 06/07/2009
9   skraley56 222 10/26/2008
10   sagerus 203 02/24/2009

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