Fuck it


Try to combine the letters into naughty words by dropping the pieces on the grid. whole words disappear thus giving you more room. completion of several words at one drop multiplies the score given.


; Mouse=aim/drop, Space=rotate

Fuck it

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   Manos 2,428 01/06/2018
2   Nathan Brittles 915 09/05/2008
3   9plus10 225 05/20/2016
4   Sageth 206 09/21/2008
5   mero 200 06/06/2009
6   Glinda 127 08/24/2008
7   skraley56 75 08/30/2008
8   Ethel Mertz 69 12/05/2008
9   lindrus11 65 08/27/2008
10   cheeseking45 27 02/16/2017

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