Frisbee throwing


Throw the frisbee as far as you can.


Throw the frisbee as far as you can.; see in game

Frisbee throwing

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   mero 5,067 03/10/2010
2   metusla 3,714 08/03/2009
3   sixx 1,856 06/30/2009
4   MaskedMarauder 1,181 07/04/2011
5   Ethel Mertz 1,121 12/15/2008
6   Sageth 981 12/22/2016
7   Mortimer Snerd 964 12/24/2010
8   sigmeum 896 12/30/2008
9   gbr88 595 08/30/2008
10   Radar 346 02/27/2009

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