Freaky football


Strap on your helmet and football pads and try to score a touchdown on the grass field. Pick up cans of beans to boost your power and then run into the stadium end zone to pass the level. Avoid the defenders while pretending to be in the Super Bowl!


Pick up all the beans for energy and then run into the end zone to pass the level. Avoid the bombs and defensive players. Arrow Keys = Move; Spacebar = Jump & Block Opponent

Freaky football

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   810 05/06/2011
2   Playinginclass 639 04/26/2011
3   iwinagain 564 10/16/2009
4   metusla 321 01/21/2010
5   Ethel Mertz 283 09/07/2008
6   hanny1515 174 09/18/2011
7   Sageth 101 01/21/2010

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