Far west


Welcome to the far west.


Hit as many bandits as you can before your ammo runs out!; Mouse

Far west

Sorry, you must have flash to play Far west

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 Nathan Brittles 18 08/25/2008
2 bigdickpow 17 05/18/2011
3 Playinginclass 16 05/04/2011
4 Mortimer Snerd 13 02/21/2010
5 skraley56 13 09/09/2008
6 luckey 11 09/05/2009
7 Ethel Mertz 11 12/13/2008
8 lindrus11 8 10/03/2008
9 ma4e 6 08/17/2010

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