Drunk driver championship


You can drive drunk and not worry about your car or auto insurance going from cheap to expensive! In this game, drink more beer as the levels get progressively harder. Avoid the big trucks and don't get into an accident.


Click your mouse to move up and let go to move down. Don't crash into any cars!

Drunk driver championship

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   Radar 339 07/26/2009
2   Sageth 103 08/22/2008
3   metusla 76 01/23/2010
4   73 05/18/2011
5   Playinginclass 58 05/17/2011
6   mero 45 03/25/2010
7   Mortimer Snerd 21 04/05/2010
8   iwinagain 15 12/04/2009
9   Ethel Mertz 13 11/15/2008
10   4516n41 8 04/15/2011

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