Diamond Mine


Diamond Mine is a classic Internet game where you must move around the diamonds to score points. Each time you get 3 or more identical diamonds to touch to each other, you score points. In this version of the game Diamond Mine is a time limit of 5 minutes and the goal is to score as many points as possible during the 5 minutes. But you have to think quickly, if you are too slow then you start to lose your points again.


The game begins with a full screen of randomly placed gems of 7 colors. Players choose 2 adjacent gems (horizontally or vertically adjacent) to switch places on the game board. If the switched gems create a row of 3 or more identical gems, the gems switch, then disappear, and the player earns points. Then new gems appear on the top of the game board, and the player continues to make matches until the 5:00 timer runs out or until no further matches are possible. Use your mouse to click on those diamond and move around.

Diamond Mine

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   whatever 6,887 05/30/2015
2   midgekat 5,939 10/22/2016
3   Radar 5,447 05/02/2009
4   katiemead 4,895 08/08/2011
5   Glinda 4,865 01/08/2009
6   sigmeum 4,838 05/03/2009
7   mero 4,754 06/12/2009
8   sagerus 2,954 12/17/2010
9   metusla 2,883 05/31/2009
10   mikkim 2,835 09/01/2010

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