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Click like-colored blocks to destroy them


Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   metusla 5,125,570 10/05/2009
2   Radar 4,235,290 08/17/2009
3   skraley56 2,696,660 09/05/2008
4   Ethel Mertz 2,504,340 09/20/2008
5   mero 1,920,860 08/14/2009
6   mikkim 1,851,560 09/01/2010
7   Nathan Brittles 418,727 09/04/2008
8   sagerus 207,287 06/16/2009
9   lindrus11 135,318 02/28/2009
10   luckey 6,298 10/16/2009

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