Connect 4


Line up 4 pieces in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row to win!


Line up 4 in a row. ; Use mouse to line piece up with the column you want to drop it into, and then click.

Connect 4

Sorry, you must have flash to play Connect 4

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   mero 16,250 03/18/2010
2   metusla 14,230 01/24/2010
3   sigmeum 14,230 03/14/2009
4   Sageth 14,030 08/31/2008
5   lindrus11 12,360 02/25/2009
6   Glinda 12,210 08/28/2008
7   luckey 12,090 10/09/2009
8   iwinagain 12,000 11/18/2009
9   Nathan Brittles 10,000 08/25/2008
10   CheshireCat 7,860 05/13/2011

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