Clay kitten shooting


2 shots, 2 kittens. make them count!


2 Shots, 2 Kittens. Make them count!; Mouse

Clay kitten shooting

Sorry, you must have flash to play Clay kitten shooting

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 Mortimer Snerd 105 04/14/2010
2 iwinagain 82 10/06/2009
3 Radar 50 05/10/2009
4 Ethel Mertz 36 11/14/2008
5 luckey 28 10/06/2009
6 skraley56 22 10/27/2008
7 mero 17 05/21/2009
8 lindrus11 10 08/04/2009
9 ma4e 5 02/26/2010

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