Live war


Shoot down the enemy aircraft.


Live war

Sorry, you must have flash to play Live war

Top 10 High Scores

  Player Score Date
1 Ethel Mertz 4,200 12/11/2008
2 mero 3,850 06/17/2009
3 sigmeum 3,600 01/31/2009
4 Mortimer Snerd 3,100 10/26/2010
5 Nathan Brittles 1,650 08/25/2008
6 metusla 950 06/07/2009
7 skraley56 950 08/24/2008
8 luckey 800 12/05/2009
9 Sageth 750 08/24/2008
10 bigdickpow 750 05/12/2011

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