Classic Breakout


This is the classic Atari Breakout video game. Most people don't realize that this game was created by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs for the Apple II Personal Computer. Breakout begins with four rows of bricks. Ricochet the ball against the bricks and eliminate them. If the player's paddle misses the ball's rebound, he or she loses a turn.


Use your mouse or arrow keys to control the paddle and keep the ball from falling off the screen. Use the edges of the board, as well as the top to keep the ball on the screen to destroy the blocks. Continue breaking blocks and you will move onto the next level where the ball gets a little bit harder and a little bit faster.

Classic Breakout

Top 10 High Scores

Ranking Player Score Date
1   mero 8,485 03/31/2010
2   sigmeum 6,025 02/26/2009
3   Ethel Mertz 1,290 12/27/2008
4   cardampa05 340 02/09/2011
5   Radar 295 04/22/2009
6   Sageth 115 12/16/2014

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