About Us

About Us

Who are we?

The Sageth Network© is a series of arcade site that are developed with the player in mind. We offer all sorts of games: arcade, sports, driving, shooting, and more. Depending on the site, we have different registration requirements. These requirements can be found on each respective site.

How are we a player advocate?

First, all of our sites are completely free. There are no subscriptions or dues required to play at any of our sites. We don't require an email address or registration of any sort. We also don't give you a limited number of plays before you must register, as some of the other arcades do. Our goal is to give each person a fun experience playing whatever games they choose.

But don't you ask for donations?

We don't ask for them, but if one wants to donate to help pay for hosting costs, game development, site/module development, or the like, we won't turn it down. Depending on the site, there may or may not be a "Donate" link on the site. You can also donate via PayPal to a specific email address.

What sites are part of the Sageth Network©?

Right now, the following sites are part of the network:

  • phpArcade.com - This is a high score-only arcade. What does this mean? It means that all games are high-score capable and you can compete with your friends or other players for the high score. There are no games that are not high-score compatible, though you must register to have your score recorded.