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skraley56 is the best player in these games:

Major slant

Play Major slant online for free!

Can you get the ball through the maze?

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The battle of helms deep

Play The battle of helms deep online for free!

Shoot as many servants of the enemy as you can before you die.

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Play Laby online for free!

David Bowie will not help you in this labyrinth. Instead, similar to QBert, you need to fill the entire grid without trapping yourself.

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James bomb

Play James bomb online for free!

Kill all your enemys and find the door to advance.

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Play Hatch online for free!

Eat the correct food for the color

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Flip out

Play Flip out online for free!

Flip all of the tiles before time runs out.

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Fleets mergers & acquisitions

Play Fleets mergers & acquisitions online for free!

Combine the different company ships together to the lowest amount

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Evil balloon siege!

Play Evil balloon siege! online for free!

A militarized band of evil balloons has invaded castle martianstein!

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Play Dynamit online for free!

Just like kickup

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Disc dash

Play Disc dash online for free!

Test your mouse accuracy! can you click it

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Death junior

Play Death junior online for free!

Accurately detonate your c4 laden hamster to kill the evil monster and hurl its decapitated head into the throes of hell. bonus points for killing addition monsters along the way.

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Cubic rubic

Play Cubic rubic online for free!

Unscramble the cube. electronic version of the popular rubik`s cube. solve the puzzle to submit your score.

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Play Cokehead online for free!

You have 90 seconds to sniff your way to president

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Balancing bubbless

Play Balancing bubbless online for free!

How long can you balance bubbless the clown?

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Chicken shootout

Play Chicken shootout online for free!

How many chickens can you shoot in 45 seconds?

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Carrot sweeper

Play Carrot sweeper online for free!

Bugs just loves carrots. but elma is on to him.

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Bubble shooter

Play Bubble shooter online for free!

The goal is to clean the bubbles off the field.

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Batman 3: the cobblebot caper

Play Batman 3: the cobblebot caper online for free!

Another heroic adventure of the black caped crusader they call batman

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Abc crazy

Play Abc crazy online for free!

As the letters show up push that letter on your keyboard, try to get combos for the top score.

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Play Snake online for free!

Eat the apples and don't hit the walls.... or yourself.

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Space invaders

Play Space invaders online for free!

Kill the invading army of ufo's

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Snake coil

Play Snake coil online for free!

Dont let the snake reach and eat your eggs!

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Play Snowy online for free!

Throws snow balls at enemies to turn them into huge snowballs. once an enemy becomes completely covered, just run up to it and give it a kick and off it goes, knocking out other enemies in its path. dispense with all the enemies on each level to move on t

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Play A.l.i.a.s. online for free!

Take the command of the bio-mechanical hero, and clam down the evil machines

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A.l.i.a.s. 2

Play A.l.i.a.s. 2 online for free!

The sequel to one of the best shooting games created for flash, artificial lifeform intended for assassination and sabotage, the story continues.....

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Angel bobble

Play Angel bobble online for free!

Pull the colored balls down from one area and throw them back up to another and make them disappear.

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