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Radar is the best player in these games:

Reflex v1.2

Play Reflex v1.2 online for free!

A puzzle game in which you must guide a reflective rocket to its target.

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Panik: poopascoopa

Play Panik: poopascoopa online for free!

Clean up all the poo and make the world a better place.

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Play Pol online for free!

Escape from the testing lab.

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Pokeball blitz

Play Pokeball blitz online for free!

A combination of tetris and bust a move

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Yetisports 2 - Orca Slap

Play Yetisports 2 - Orca Slap online for free!

In this Yetisports game, Yeti needs to smack the pingu's with snow balls to get points. Hit the pingu at exactly the right time to get the highest scores!

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On the water tux:long river

Play On the water tux:long river online for free!

Race around the track as fast as you can.*set to 3 decimal places

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O my head

Play O my head online for free!

You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to shave four peoples heads.

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Nun gunner

Play Nun gunner online for free!

Stop the nuns from invading planet earth.

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Loony tunes: match the mugs

Play Loony tunes: match the mugs online for free!

Try to match three or more faces in a row or column.

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Mario Time Attack

Play Mario Time Attack online for free!

Princess Peach is on the other side of the desert and she needs some fresh water. Have Mario bring it to her before time runs out!

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Lunar command

Play Lunar command online for free!

It's like missile command for the atari

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Lotads lament

Play Lotads lament online for free!

Lotad being the good fellow he is sees the falling pineco and attempts to rescue them! but pineco`s explosive personality isn`t helping lotad. how long can you continue to save the pinecone

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Jungle Escape

Play Jungle Escape online for free!

In this online platform game,you need to get to the top of the jungle, collecting the key on the way. Don't get hit by the bats or fall in the holes throughout your quest!

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Jungle Dave

Play Jungle Dave online for free!

In this platform game, you need to find the key in order to get to the top of the jungle and escape. Avoid bats, pits, and holes so you can make it to the top of the jungle and go home!

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Play Jump2 online for free!

Play this game with what looks like a baseball on a conveyor belt. You will need to jump over the missing links to continue.

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J&b snowman punch

Play J&b snowman punch online for free!

Knock down the snowmen with snowballs before time runs out.

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Jail Bird Man

Play Jail Bird Man online for free!

Harvey's on a mean losing streak and his list five clients have landed in the slammer. to see that justice is served, he has decided to bust them out...one at a time...with increasing degrees of difficulty...and scoring. Find the key and bring it back to the cell. Pick up bonus items for extra points.

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Island shot

Play Island shot online for free!

This is how the crew of Gilligan's Island entertained themselves during their TV show after their three hour tour. Play basketball and get as many shots as possible. You'll never make it to the Final Four but you can become the island champion!

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Island Hop

Play Island Hop online for free!

Help Gilligan from Gilligan's Island get the gang off the island by jumping from obstacle to obstacle (think Frogger) across the water to the island. Land on the far island to light the fire before the cruise ship on another three hour tour passes out of view, stranding the gang forever.

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Island bowling

Play Island bowling online for free!

Bowling game

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Hunga hatch

Play Hunga hatch online for free!

Match 3 or more colors!

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Harry potter galleon

Play Harry potter galleon online for free!

Kinda like puzzle de pon and bubble trouble but with a harry potter theme.

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Beater practise

Play Beater practise online for free!

No wizard or witch may play a game of quidditch without practice!

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Homers Beer Run 2

Play Homers Beer Run 2 online for free!

Pick one of the four characters in The Simpsons to catch Duff beer barrels and bring them to Homer's car.

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Holy cow!

Play Holy cow! online for free!

Before you can enter the holy gates of heaven, you must perform a number of good deeds by helping the depressed. do you have what it takes to be a holy cow?

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Hungry like wolves

Play Hungry like wolves online for free!

Mr. wolf has found a new job, delivering bacon rolls to the mafia.

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Hungry hungry mario

Play Hungry hungry mario online for free!

With authentic sounds from Nintendos Super Mario Brothers, you need to collect the dots as quickly as possible to get higher scores. This game is not like Hungry Hungry Hippos!

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Happy heks

Play Happy heks online for free!

Help an old witch find all the ingredients for her magical potion ...

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Hall sweep

Play Hall sweep online for free!

Clean up the hallway.

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All hallows eve

Play All hallows eve online for free!

Kill the attacking zombies

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Play Hacker online for free!

The computer hacker needs to get all of the CD's and get them back to the computer so that he can hack the Gibson.

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Grid game

Play Grid game online for free!

The objective of the game is to get a chain reaction of tiles as long as possible.

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Skeleton graveyard

Play Skeleton graveyard online for free!

Sorry, no description available

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Play Gladiator online for free!

Fight like a gladiator

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Gi joe shadow ascent

Play Gi joe shadow ascent online for free!

Help gi joe climb the cavern

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Gift grab

Play Gift grab online for free!

Earn points by catching presents with the chimney

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Scooby doo: ghoul school. creepy cooking

Play Scooby doo: ghoul school. creepy cooking online for free!

Create a monster sized sandwich snack!

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Harry potter`s ghoul attic

Play Harry potter`s ghoul attic online for free!

There`s a ghoul in weasley`s attic that is always banging on pipes and making other noise when he feels that things are getting too quiet. you can challenge the ghoul to a game by making some noise of your own!

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Get groovy

Play Get groovy online for free!

The web game everyone can groove to!

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Gem mania

Play Gem mania online for free!

Choo choo along, collect all the gems, avoid getting trapped or bumping into your own carriages.

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Gauntlet 2

Play Gauntlet 2 online for free!

Collect the gold, food, potions, keys and kill the ghouls

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Gandys quest

Play Gandys quest online for free!

Help gandy find his pipe.

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Fully loaded

Play Fully loaded online for free!

Sorry, no description available

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Fishing the sea

Play Fishing the sea online for free!

Catch your quota to advance levels.

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Frog it

Play Frog it online for free!

Another frogger game

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Frogger 2004

Play Frogger 2004 online for free!

Mike has made frogger 2004!

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Fly girl

Play Fly girl online for free!

Jump on the dorks and get their drinks.

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Fly catcher

Play Fly catcher online for free!

Punch the frog to make him jump and catch all the flies before the time runs out, avoiding the poison bottles.

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Flower power

Play Flower power online for free!

Sorry, no description available

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Color boxes

Play Color boxes online for free!

Click and match the same colored boxes as fast as you can.

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Flash back

Play Flash back online for free!

Use the elevators to get to the top level.

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Play Fishy online for free!

Swim the seas as a fish eating fish.

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Festivel fallout

Play Festivel fallout online for free!

Sorry, no description available

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Fast food fiasco

Play Fast food fiasco online for free!

Match 4 items by using your mouse to click and swap adjacent tiles. Get as many points as quickly as possible. Score is based on time to complete the level

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Faking it : professor to undresser

Play Faking it : professor to undresser online for free!

Help the professor boogie on down!

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Extreme skate

Play Extreme skate online for free!

Negotiate through the course avoiding dangerous obstacles. collect points on the way with bench grinds and 50/50s.

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Explosive cargo2

Play Explosive cargo2 online for free!

Sorry, no description available

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Play Eggomania online for free!

Play eggomania!

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Egg maze

Play Egg maze online for free!

Shake the egg through the maze to the goal.

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Jungle eggventure

Play Jungle eggventure online for free!

Collect the eggs.

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Easter eggs

Play Easter eggs online for free!

Come catch come eggs to get earn some points

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Duck Hunt 2

Play Duck Hunt 2 online for free!

Duck Hunt 2 is a flash remake of the classic arcade game by Nintendo that you can play in your browser. Shoot the ducks using the mouse. Your hound will bring you the hunted ducks and if you miss, he will laugh at you. There is also a mode where you can shoot the dog. Good hunting!

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Dschungel book

Play Dschungel book online for free!

Sorry, no description available

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Drunk klunk

Play Drunk klunk online for free!

Keep getting drunk and drinking alcohol while balancing on your bar stool.

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Drunk driver championship

Play Drunk driver championship online for free!

You can drive drunk and not worry about your car or auto insurance going from cheap to expensive! In this game, drink more beer as the levels get progressively harder. Avoid the big trucks and don't get into an accident.

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Letter doolhof

Play Letter doolhof online for free!

Try with help of the leaves to get the words complete. but watch out that the bunnies dont get you!

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Dinky smash

Play Dinky smash online for free!

Match up 3+heads

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Dinner danger

Play Dinner danger online for free!

Help mr.x collect the parcels for dinner.

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Meychis desoilles park

Play Meychis desoilles park online for free!

Shoot people until you eventually die!

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Delta fighter

Play Delta fighter online for free!

Shoot everything!

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Castle defender

Play Castle defender online for free!

Stop the intruders from entering the castle

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Defend your computer

Play Defend your computer online for free!

Defend your computer against viruses

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Dbz invaders

Play Dbz invaders online for free!

Dragon ball z invaders game

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Day in the park

Play Day in the park online for free!

Help coconut catch bones.

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Daves castle hunt

Play Daves castle hunt online for free!

Dave must collect the treasures.

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Cursor man

Play Cursor man online for free!

Try to keep your mouse cursor safe for as long as possible!

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Play Cubedelic online for free!

An addicting block game with a twist.

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Crazy castle

Play Crazy castle online for free!

Defend you castle from the deamons!!!

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Play Cowc online for free!

Sorry, no description available

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Clicken gold

Play Clicken gold online for free!

Click on 2 or more squares of the same color.

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Click clack

Play Click clack online for free!

Click the coloured balls away, before they fill the screen.

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Classic frogger

Play Classic frogger online for free!

Frogger is regarded as a classic game from the golden age of video games. Frogger is still popular and versions can be found online on many websites and some people may still have Atari, NES, or old computer cartridges available still.

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Claque beignet

Play Claque beignet online for free!

You are an alien with sensitive hearing. singers can cause your death. use your claque beignet machine to slap them to death before their singing kills you.

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Chopper drop

Play Chopper drop online for free!

Blow up the buildings before you crash into them!

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Chuck norris - attack of the massacre ni

Play Chuck norris - attack of the massacre ni online for free!

Chuck norris is back in action!

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Cell out

Play Cell out online for free!

Kill the bad cells while avoiding the good white cells.

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Gotta catch one

Play Gotta catch one online for free!

Gotta catch one

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Castle cat 4

Play Castle cat 4 online for free!

Make your way to boss!!

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Castle cat 3

Play Castle cat 3 online for free!

Make your way to boss!!

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Castle cat 2

Play Castle cat 2 online for free!

Series 2 of castle cat!!

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Carrot crunch

Play Carrot crunch online for free!

Help sunny starz munch her way through the maze.

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Caray snake

Play Caray snake online for free!

Caray snake is a variation on the classic arcade game snake where your tail gets longer with each object eaten, and you must avoid running into your tail. what makes this game different is you move the snake only one square at a time.

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Caray snake

Play Caray snake online for free!

A strategy based snake game with obstacles

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Busy burger

Play Busy burger online for free!

Keep the customers happy by serving up exactly what they order.

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Bums rush

Play Bums rush online for free!

Collect as much money as you can!

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Bully rush

Play Bully rush online for free!

Super, smashing, great!

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Play Bugz online for free!

Try and keep your bug alive and avoid the bug killers

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Bug juice

Play Bug juice online for free!

Get the pulsing dots before the predator gets you.

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Play Bug online for free!

Collect the eggs and push them neatly into the nests. 100 levels of pure hair pulling madness.

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Bueno rufus

Play Bueno rufus online for free!

Help rufus fill the orders!!!

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Bubble popper

Play Bubble popper online for free!

Bank a bubble off the wall

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Brick break

Play Brick break online for free!

Brick break is a game of strategy and not a test of speed or quick thinking.

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Brave the bar

Play Brave the bar online for free!

A frogger style game but with beer.

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Bouncy the ball

Play Bouncy the ball online for free!

Move through the levels, bounce up and down, avoid fire and other dangers while picking up coins. with a rockin' soundtrack!

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Bounce back

Play Bounce back online for free!

Sorta just like pong! but with powerups get as far you can with in 10mintues!

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Border 2

Play Border 2 online for free!

Sorry, no description available

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Bombjack 3: hard levels

Play Bombjack 3: hard levels online for free!

Nes classic - bombjack 3 hard levels - a harder adventure of mighty bombjack

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Bomb jack

Play Bomb jack online for free!

Gather up all the bombs and coins.

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Bombing run

Play Bombing run online for free!

The government is trying to destroy you by carpet bombing the countryside where you have been hiding out!

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Bomberman x

Play Bomberman x online for free!

Collect the penises

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Blood shed

Play Blood shed online for free!

Shoot the green people and no one else.

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Play Blocks online for free!

Are you looking for a game while you're bored at home or school? Play this blocks game!

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Gates to bleed 2

Play Gates to bleed 2 online for free!

Nice little storybase game!

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Bleed the game

Play Bleed the game online for free!

The monsters are here!

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The black knight

Play The black knight online for free!

The peasants arent paying their taxes. go forth and beat the gold out of them.

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Scooby doo: defend your berry bones

Play Scooby doo: defend your berry bones online for free!

Defend your berry bones!

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Beeku adventure

Play Beeku adventure online for free!

Kill all the rodents

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Beer dude 2

Play Beer dude 2 online for free!

Grab the beers!

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Beat the meter

Play Beat the meter online for free!

Guide stelios around the forecourt and fill up the cars

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Bear & cat

Play Bear & cat online for free!

Get 3 or more colours to clear them. clear them all before they reach you

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Beach bobbing bob

Play Beach bobbing bob online for free!

Carry as many coconuts across the river by hopping left and right on the barrels.

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Batman - The Mystery of Batwoman

Play Batman - The Mystery of Batwoman online for free!

Help batman kick some thugs ass!

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Balloon maze

Play Balloon maze online for free!

The balloon must stay alive!

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Ball eat

Play Ball eat online for free!

Collect the greens to earn points and the yellows for power ups.

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Baby boom

Play Baby boom online for free!

Put the babies to bed before they cry

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Asteroid avalanche

Play Asteroid avalanche online for free!

Charge chelseas ultra-scope to find her friends.

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Armless invaders

Play Armless invaders online for free!

Stop the armless invaders from invading earth.

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Aragon dragon

Play Aragon dragon online for free!

Aragon the tiny dragon is locked deep inside the castle. help him grab the keys, open the castle doors and escape.

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Play Aquafield online for free!

Help the mother fish feed her young by steering her with your mouse in a way that will lead the litle fish to the tasty worms.

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Alu`s revenge

Play Alu`s revenge online for free!

Click on any grouping of two or more masks to make them disappear.

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All ball

Play All ball online for free!

Make usergroup of 3 or more of the same ball to break them apart

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Alien terminator

Play Alien terminator online for free!

Kill the aliens that are invading the planet

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Play Booty online for free!

Line up 3 or more gems.

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Maze game

Play Maze game online for free!

Can you get the ball to end?

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Rollercoaster roundup

Play Rollercoaster roundup online for free!

Help bob stop the tykes from leaving the park.

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Play Rotobo online for free!

Complete every mission finding an ore block. click to jump, an other time to land. good luck!

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Seraph: level mode

Play Seraph: level mode online for free!

You are seraph, awakened to clear the skies from the hostile drones and lifeforms that threaten your home.

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Sinking madness 2

Play Sinking madness 2 online for free!

Hop across the pond in order to reach the flower. on your way to the flower, make sure to collect the gems to score points, but watch out for all the baddies!

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Space rider

Play Space rider online for free!

You're on a scooter in space. classic side-scroller.

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Spacerunner 2

Play Spacerunner 2 online for free!

Collect all the gold

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Stack the cats

Play Stack the cats online for free!

Help the old cat lover stack hers cats in usergroup of 4.

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Play Starfrosch online for free!

Guide the frog through a fantasy world collecting stars and avoiding venomous flowers.

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Super flash mario bros

Play Super flash mario bros online for free!

Really good remake in flash of old Super Mario Bros, staring Mario and Luigi. Fight koompas, goombas, and more in a remake of the original Nintendo classic game that was remade for the Wii.

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Super splash

Play Super splash online for free!

Your goal is the get the lifeguard wet.

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Play Tadpole online for free!

Hold the left mouse button to swim up & release the button to swim down

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The wire

Play The wire online for free!

You have 30 seconds to knock off as many birds off as possible.

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Troll rampage

Play Troll rampage online for free!

Humans have killed your wife and 5 children, now it is time to seek revenge.

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The viking

Play The viking online for free!

You are a viking storming the castle.

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Bees saal baad

Play Bees saal baad online for free!

A filmy twist of fate has got them together.; reunite them successfully and make your way to the hal of fame..

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Play Amoeba online for free!

See the cilia and amoebas while looking into your high powered microscope. Collect the cells and power ups while avoiding the spiky green virus and bacteria cells.

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Angel run

Play Angel run online for free!

Keep the angel away from the devil

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Benjamin beaver

Play Benjamin beaver online for free!

Frogger type game

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Seesaw ninjas

Play Seesaw ninjas online for free!

Click somewhere in the creation zone, and hold down the mouse button to size the first ninja. let it drop, and it will throw the other ninja up to grab some points. use bonus rounds and jackpots to maximize your score!

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Play Mosquito online for free!

Kill the mosquitoes before they suck you dry

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Play Poink online for free!

Proteger votre planete a l aide de la boule

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Abba fox

Play Abba fox online for free!

Make sure abba gets as many envelopes as possible but watch out for all those nasty pests!

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Play Valentiner online for free!

Collect the hearts in this gold miner style game.

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Mars 3d

Play Mars 3d online for free!

Play this amazing game by shooting down the enemy..

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Monster munch

Play Monster munch online for free!

Eat as many snow flakes in time frame.

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Hybra tower defense - easy

Play Hybra tower defense - easy online for free!

Build different types of towers and fight back bugs and other minions in the tower defense td game.

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Frog Race

Play Frog Race online for free!

Frog Race - Defeat the competitor

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Landfill Bill

Play Landfill Bill online for free!

Throw the garbage into the recycling bins that move around the landfill. Be quick.

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Robot Factory

Play Robot Factory online for free!

Click the pieces of the robots to build them and then organize their squad formation. Kill the enemy.

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Bird Flu

Play Bird Flu online for free!

Stay in the bloodstream as long as you can, keeping away from the white blood cells to rack up points.

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Ninja Vs Pirates Tower Defense

Play Ninja Vs Pirates Tower Defense online for free!

Deploy Ninjas and defend one of three paths against evil invading pirates. 4 Ninjas have special abilities and yes the pirate towers do have strengths weaknesses.

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Play Numbles online for free!

Shoot the balls so their numbers equal the target total.

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Play Pickies online for free!

Line up the pickies by the way they look. As you stay alive the board changes. Gets hard fast.

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Eggrun 2 on ice

Play Eggrun 2 on ice online for free!

Grab the twig, then get to the ladder in as few jumps as possible.

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Power Driver

Play Power Driver online for free!

Throw the golf ball as far as you can.

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YetiSports 10: Icicle Climb

Play YetiSports 10: Icicle Climb online for free!

Help pengu climb the mountain with icicles.

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Weasley Breakfast

Play Weasley Breakfast online for free!

Tetris like Harry Potter game

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Super Mario Bros Game

Play Super Mario Bros Game online for free!

Really good remake in flash of old Super Mario Bros, staring Mario and Luigi. Fight koompas, goombas, and more in a remake of the original Nintendo classic game that was remade for the Wii.

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